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Torus Pak being used in local hospital Norway

Norway hospitals begin serving à la carte meals using Torus Pak packaging

Patients at the Central Kitchen Lillehammer and Gjøvik hospitals can now choose from a range of meals served using Torus Pak packaging. These are the first hospital locations in Norway that allow patients to choose from an à la carte menu. The success of this pilot project will open the market for other hospitals and organizations to provide similar foodservice options. more

The Case for Environmentally Friendly Plastic

In an age where threats to the environment are widespread, it is important for individuals and industries alike to make an effort to minimize the negative environmental impact of their activities. Plastic food packaging reduces food waste and lowers carbon emissions - both of which contribute to a reduction in global warming. more

Torus Pak® signs major packaging deal with Anglia Crown, UK

Torus Pak® has signed a long-term supply agreement with the reputable chilled and frozen prepared meal manufacturer Anglia Crown in the UK. Torus Pak® has been supplying Anglia Crown its patented packaging technology since 2014. After a successful four- year relationship, both Torus Pak® and Anglia Crown have signed a contract deal on a long-term strategy to continue working together. more

Torus Pak book recommendation 12.09.2017

Torus Pak book recommendation: Learn about current specialist literature and order it easily in the online shop of the bookstore Reuffel. more

Event-Workshops on “Selfmade High-Convenience” in the catering and care sector: Menu tray for logistical and culinary excellence

24.01./31.01.2017. Kaiserslautern/Luxembourg. Whether a school-caterer, a rehabilitation clinic, a company canteen or a 5-star hotel: the rapid, comprehensive and individualized supply of a large number of people with a warm meal presents the same task to all community caterer. more

Torus Pak im “Verpflegungsmanagement”

12.08.2016: Torus Pak - Hintergrundwissen und Praxistest

Ende Juli fand im Kulinarischen Kompetenzzentrum Kaiserslautern erstmals ein Workshop zum Thema „Selfmade High Convenience“ in der Gastronomie und Gemeinschaftsverpflegung statt. Neben der Theorie stand vor allem die Praxis auf dem Programm. more

Redefining Dining

Am 26. Juli 2016 findet im Kulinarischen Kompetenzzentrum Kaiserslautern erstmals ein Profi-Workshop zum Thema „Selfmade High-Convenience“ in der Gastronomie statt. more

At the UK launch of Crown Advantage, Anglia Crown caught up with Torus Pak® entrepreneur Rickard Gillblad

Prior to 2003 I had been working in management consultancy when I came across a gap in the market for a truly innovative product that could help reduce food waste and decrease energy consumption. more