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Torus Pak® signs major packaging deal with Anglia Crown, UK

Anglia Crown

Paul Howell, Director and Co-owner at Anglia Crown, UK

Torus Pak® has signed a long-term supply agreement with the reputable chilled and frozen prepared meal manufacturer Anglia Crown in the UK. Torus Pak® has been supplying Anglia Crown its patented packaging technology since 2014. After a successful four- year relationship, both Torus Pak® and Anglia Crown have signed a contract deal on a long-term strategy to continue working together.

Anglia Crown is a major chilled and frozen food manufacturer in the UK supplying the healthcare and complementary sectors. The company offers a range of multi and single portion dishes to customers and patients. A trusted partner to the NHS for patient and restaurant dining, it also operates in the private healthcare, education and care markets.

Operating for more than 25 years, Anglia Crown works with 100 hospital sites in the UK, employing more than 160 people and manufacturing approximately 40,000 chilled and frozen meals each day. Anglia Crown have partnerships with facilities management companies and provides a direct service to hospital Trusts around the country.

“Thanks to its innovative technology, using Torus Pak® to package our meals has increased customer satisfaction. Its method of placing a packed meal straight- to- plate improves people’s perception of the overall result: it’s an ingenious product. Without a doubt, we see it as a benefit to strengthen our relationship with Torus Pak® and enforce it into our long-term strategy for Anglia Crown” said Paul Howell, Director and Co-Owner at Anglia Crown.

Torus Pak® has been developing and distributing the patented and award-winning Torus Pak® system since 2011. The easy-to-open meal trays can be individually filled and are perfect for all areas of cuisine, from basic catering to gourmet concepts. The ingenious idea behind the special “simply service” concept is the removable base film, guaranteeing simple handling, perfect hygiene from kitchen to plate and ultimately the perfect presentation of the meal on the plate.


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