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Torus Pak® – an innovation that thinks outside the box

To invent a product that makes the world a little better and more attractive – that was what drove Rickard Gillblad to develop the Torus Pak® concept. His idea was a packaging solution for the food industry to protect resources as well as food. To make this vision a reality, the company founder worked with a team of engineers in 2003 to design an innovative product like no other in the world. Since then, Torus Pak® has redefined the world of ready meals in terms of environmental friendliness and appearance.

The advantages are clear to see:

  • simple and sophisticated presentation – like that of a top chef
  • perfectly portioned meals – to prevent waste
  • flexibility in menu selection and preparation
  • fast and simple processing – even in small spaces
  • protects resources and food
  • reduced staffing and logistics costs

Do not miss out on this packaging revolution – put yourself at the top of the food chain with the simple yet ingenious Torus Pak® concept.

  • Geburtsstunde
    Birth of the idea
  • Awards
    Three awards
  • Hauptsitz
    Worldwide activities


  1. 2003

    The amount of food, energy and resources being wasted around the world prompts the development of a new packaging solution

  2. 2004

    The birth of the Torus Pak® concept

  3. 2005

    Torus Pak® becomes patentable

  4. 2006-2007

    Testing of the product concept based on broad feasibility studies

  5. 2008-2009

    Market analysis in Germany, France, Italy and the UK

  6. 2010

    Installation of the first production plant in the Netherlands

  7. 2011

    Successful market launch in Scandinavia and a first major contract with Compass Group in Sweden

  8. 2012

    Creation of a second production line in Germany

  9. 2013

    Europe-wide launch and presentation at all major industry events

  10. 2014

    Start of partnership with Anglia Crown (UK)

  11. 2015

    Establishment of Torus Pak® concept in Europe and international launch

Reference systems

Reference systems

The following systems are based on the Torus Pak®-technology: