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Torus Pak® - REAL innovation

Prior to 2003 I had been working in management consultancy when I came across a gap in the market for a truly innovative product that could help reduce food waste and decrease energy consumption. Most developers look at what is there already and try to improve it. I wanted to take it back to the drawing board and start from scratch in order to produce something really innovative and a worldwide first.

What is the target market for Torus Pak®?

Originally Torus Pak® was made for the high end artisan restaurant market, to provide a consistent food service product. Sous Vide systems have been in place for over 20 years in the general food service sector and they help to create high-end food which is affordable, and consistent in quality. Torus Pak® was based on the same principle.

Torus Pak® has just launched via Anglia Crown to the UK healthcare sector. How did this change in market sector come about?

I’m from Sweden where we have a strong corporate social responsibility and culture. Once I saw how the technology was helping the commercial market I quickly realised that it could bring real value to the cost sector. Having the opportunity to help people without choice, people often at their most vulnerable, such as those in hospital or care homes was one I was proud to take up. Torus Pak® provides healthcare caterers the opportunity to provide a restaurant style dining experience, removing the need to eat from a tray or pack. To make our technology available within this sector we have had to drop our price but I believe it’s our corporate responsibility to help bring innovations to the non-commercial markets. I believe the UK healthcare market will benefit from the Torus Pak® innovations and we are delighted to partner Anglia Crown exclusively in this sector.

What’s next?

I can’t give too much away but I can tell you I’m working on another CSR initiative; ‘a meal for a meal’. Briefly, the idea is to finance a meal for someone who couldn’t afford a plated meal through the cost savings made by using Torus Pak®.

Number crunching

3 – The number of awards won to date
9 – The number of languages spoken in Torus Pak ® head office
15 – The number of countries Torus Pak® distributed in
120 – The number of flights Torus Pak ® owner Rickard Gillblad took last year

Torus Pak® at a glance

2003: Initiatives proved the need for reduced food waste and energy consumption
2004: Torus Pak® concept born
2005: Torus Pak ® became subject to patent application
2006: Two year feasibility studies
2008: Two year market research in Germany, Italy, France and UK
2010: First production line in Holland
2011: Torus Pak® went to market
2012: Official launch of Torus Pak® in Europe
2013: Torus Pak® win the Food Magazine’s packaging design award in Australia
2014: Anglia Crown launches Crown Advantage using Torus Pak® in the UK