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Norway hospitals begin serving à la carte meals using Torus Pak packaging

Patients at the Central Kitchen Lillehammer and Gjøvik hospitals can now choose from a range of meals served using Torus Pak packaging. These are the first hospital locations in Norway that allow patients to choose from an à la carte menu. The success of this pilot project will open the market for other hospitals and organizations to provide similar foodservice options.

The Central Kitchen Lillehammer Hospital in Norway is leading a transformation in how people perceive hospital food. By providing à la carte meals using Torus Pak packaging, patients can choose dishes according to their taste and dine on their own schedule. Torus Pak’s smart packaging solution enables this revolutionary way of serving hospital meals. The meals are reheated in the container and then placed on a plate. The bottom of the container is removed so that the food falls right down onto the plate. The hospital achieves all the benefits of batch produced ready meals while maintaining a gourmet plated meal result!

With Torus Pak packaging, there is no need for a full kitchen, professionally trained chef and staff or rigid mealtimes. It also provides a more sustainable option by reducing food waste. Patients are thrilled to have the ability to choose their favourite meal when they are ready to eat, instead of being served something can’t or don’t want to eat. Some even commented that they will stay a few more days because the food is so good!

“Since patients can choose what and when they want to eat, they are getting more nutrients while reducing food waste,” said Oddvar Henriksen, department manager for food supply at Hospital Innlandet. Henriksen noted that food waste has already decreased by over 15%, resulting in a cost savings that comes without compromising on nutritious, high-quality meals.

Previously the hospital meals were eaten directly out of plastic tray, but by using Torus Pak packaging, the patient never sees the package at all. “We are not on a camping trip,” added Henriksen. “Dinner should be served on porcelain with a pleasant presentation. Everything should be done to awaken appetite, since we know that patients recover more quickly from good nutrition.” Using Torus Pak packaging, the hospital has reduced food waste and cut costs – all while not only maintaining the prior level of quality but improving it.

Torus Pak® has been developing and distributing the patented and award-winning Torus Pak® system since 2011. The easy-to-open meal trays can be individually filled and are perfect for all areas of cuisine, from basic catering to gourmet concepts. The ingenious idea behind the special “simply service” concept is the removable base film, guaranteeing simple handling, perfect hygiene from kitchen to plate and ultimately the perfect presentation of the meal on the plate.


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