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Torus Pak being used in local hospital Norway

Norway hospitals begin serving à la carte meals using Torus Pak packaging

Patients at the Central Kitchen Lillehammer and Gjøvik hospitals can now choose from a range of meals served using Torus Pak packaging. These are the first hospital locations in Norway that allow patients to choose from an à la carte menu. The success of this pilot project will open the market for other hospitals and organizations to provide similar foodservice options. more

The Case for Environmentally Friendly Plastic

In an age where threats to the environment are widespread, it is important for individuals and industries alike to make an effort to minimize the negative environmental impact of their activities. Plastic food packaging reduces food waste and lowers carbon emissions - both of which contribute to a reduction in global warming. more

Torus Pak®: Disrupting the Meal Value Chain

Torus Pak® patented packaging technology has enabled the food industry to redesign its value chain by significantly improving efficiency and sustainability and generating a more cost effective solution - all while maintaining the high-quality presentation and home cooked feeling of a delicious, gourmet plated meal! Here's how it works... more

New Torus Pak® client: Södersjukhuset Hospital Stockholm

We are proud to introduce our new client, Södersjukhuset Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden. They use the Torus Pak® tray as an important part of their new concept with a twelve-course menu. more

Coocino and L&D with Torus Pak® at Intergastra 2018

Coocino and L & D presented their ultra-fresh Cook & Chill solutions in the Torus Pak® tray at the INTERGASTRA from 03.02. until 07.02.2018. more

BonCulina – the new foodservice brand based on Torus Pak®

We are proud to inform you today about the new foodservice brand based on Torus Pak®. In this first part, we present the company itself. In the second part, we will then present the new brand in detail. more

L & D with Torus Pak® at INTERGASTRA Stuttgart

L & D presents their Cook & Chill concept in the frame box at INTERGASTRA from 03.02. - 07.02.2018. The optimal solution for small and medium-sized businesses in Germany without their own kitchen! more

Season’s greetings from Torus Pak

We would like to benefit from the last newsletter of the year to say thank you. Thank you for a great year 2017, for good cooperations and great projects. We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We look forward to new common projects in 2018! Your Torus Pak Team more