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Trek meals: new meal concept with Torus Pak

A safe, healthy and sustainable meal concept

Holland Food Service introduces a new and innovative meal concept: Trek meals. Ultra-fresh meals that are produced durably and responsibly. The Trek meals are prepared without artificial E-numbers and flavor additives. The packing of meals has a bottom foil that can be removed with one motion. This allows the meal to be presented to everyone on a plate. The meals can be kept for a minimum of 21 days. The meals can be ordered from stock for delivery the same day.

On average, consumers waste a significant amount of food and drink, and food production accounts for a large part of the overall environmental impact. In addition, consumers are often unnecessarily exposed to artificial additions. Responsible Trek responds to the call from the RIVM to produce food in a responsible, sustainable, healthy and safe way. In addition, the meal concept takes into account the consumer motives convenience and enjoyment.

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