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Magnificent: a new concept for the care sector

Serving restaurant-worthy food is an important medicine for the patient to recuperate and stay vital. Besides taste, the presentation of the meal plays an essential role. Therefore, Deli XL presents together with Eetgemak B.V. and Iseco Benelux a unique complete concept to operate in healthcare and serve with ease a restaurant-worthy meal. Magnificent combines the convenience of chilled meals with an innovative package that allows to present the meal in a stylish way with only one action.

Torus Pak

The Magnificent concept is an innovative way of serving meals. The chilled meals of approximately 350 grams are packed in the Torus Pak tray, an exclusive packaging with a strippable foil on the underside. The film has a special coating that prevents the food from sticking to the bottom.

Serve in three simple steps:

1. Hold the heated Torus Pak tray against the plate and pull the film off.
2. Lift the tray from the plate.
3. Garnish and finish the dish with additional ingredients.

HyFlex trolley

The concept makes use of the HyFlex serving trolley. This unique, multi-functional vehicle is suitable for every imaginable meal, both cooled and heated. In short, all eating occasions concentrated in one serving trolley.
• The system is based on contact heat.
• The car has eight heating plates that are able to operate separately (with different temperatures).
• The plates maintain their heat for up to an hour after regeneration.
• The refrigerated compartment is powered by a battery that is charged at night.
• Chilled products stay below 7 degrees Celsius – guaranteed.

From breakfast to dinner and more …

The Magnificent concept features a wide range for all occasions of the day, at any time of the day. The range includes:
• Assortment of bread meals
• Smaller portioned hot meals
• Protein shakes
• Smoothies
• Snacks

The advantages
• More flexibility with the HyFlex trolley;
• A constant temperature of food and drinks (both cool and warm);
• Less operations for kitchen staff;
• A beautiful presentation of the dishes on your own tableware;
• Smaller portions for a better meal distribution;
• Less food waste;
• A welcoming experience for the patient.

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