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Delicious freshness without kitchen: Bistro concept at Carglass

Like freshly cooked!

Innovative tray system from Torus Pak for
delicious fresh food from L & D without a kitchen

Even without an own staff restaurant, employees in small and medium-sized enterprises can be provided with varied, modern and healthy meals. This is made possible by L & D. For companies like Carglass® in Cologne, for example, Cook & Chill dishes are perfect in the innovative Torus Pak tray. Jürgen and Phillip Preuß, Managing Directors of L & D, showed how the system in the lounge with the name “free space” worked exactly.

Fresh and seasonal ingredients of the highest quality are prepared in the L & D-owned Studio 478 manufactory in Cologne according to modern, nutritionally optimized recipes, to the point just as homemade. The special feature: dishes are ready cooked up to only 90% and then rapidly cooled down to +3 degrees Celsius, so that vitamins, nutrients and freshness are maintained. It is only when arriving at the customer, that the dishes – which are delivered and refrigerated as required and ordered – are ready cooked in the microwave according to the pack instructions.

Fresh variety for all senses – everyday life tastes so good

Jürgen Preuß knows that many customers appreciate such a possibility: “One that tastes as freshly cooked, that can be used flexibly in time and place, and that can be heated quickly and simply in a few minutes and that can be prepared appetizingly.” At Carglass® there is a changing menu from which the staff can choose and order their favorite dishes – today an exotic Thai curry with chicken breast strips, juicy stewed beef creamy veal cutlets and a vegetarian Tuscan schnitzel with herbal rice. Everyone decides whether he wants to enjoy his meal at noon, in the evening or at home – and since it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to five days without preserving or freezing, one also remains flexible when one has no time to eat.

“Straight-to-plate” – the new generation of the menu tray

The patented Torus Pak tray also ensures that the fresh food is dressed appetizingly on a porcelain plate, so that even the highest requirements of the guest are met: After heating, simply remove the bottom foil by pulling on the tab, lift the tray and voilà – everyone can enjoy their lunch regardless of time and place as if freshly cooked.

At Carglass®, therefore, this type of healthy food has been used since the end of 2015 and they are still enthusiastic. Phillip Preuß is also pleased with this promising cooperation with Torus Pak in favor of the customers: “The advantages are obvious – companies and employees always remain flexible, there is no overproduction and the lower water and energy consumption as well as the recyclable raw materials of the tray ensure the sustainability to which we attach great importance to at L & D, as well as our customers! ”

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About L & D
Since more than 40 years, L & D stands for individual and flexible catering concepts, the implementation of gastronomic trends, absolute customer orientation, varied enjoyment and perfect service. Companies, but also federal ministries and administrations, trust L & D to support the catering of their employees from breakfast to conference catering. L & D, headquartered in the Innovationspark Rheinland (since 01.11.2016), currently operates more than 90 companies and serves around 40.000 guests a day. In addition to the catering services with numerous homemade products made by own recipe, the nationwide event catering, the high-quality production of ready-made meals for companies and food retailers (manufactory Studio 478 in Cologne), the child and youth catering (central kitchen in Mendig including Cook & Chill) and the sports hall catering at the Telekom Baskets Bonn, complete the business areas of L & D. As a partner of “Sustainable Bonn”, L & D ensures a sustainable and responsible handling of resources and thus contributes to the reduction of environmental pollution. Since 2003, L & D has been cooperating with CAMST, the largest Italian caterer based in Bologna, thus enabling Italian pleasure with Mediterranean original recipes. The managing directors are Jürgen Preuß, Phillip Preuß and Federico Gandino.