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Ultra-fresh and healthy: Steaming in the Torus Pak tray

Hans Joachim Schell and Michael Mühleisen, founder of the young company NCA, have been dealing since 2005 with the topic “Microkitchen” on the cooking technology basis of modern microwaves. Encouraged by the task of developing a new area-wide catering concept for differently sized army facilities, the search for a small kitchen concept for small and medium-sized businesses, which were not provided with a canteen, began.


The wide range of applications of the Torus Pak tray as well as its successful use in a wide variety of cooking and regeneration techniques is widely known and confirmed 100,000 times daily in practice.

Although the extremely fast regeneration of dishes in the Torus Pak tray in the microwave has always been practical in a particular case, it has rarely been used in professional applications because of the rather unsystematic and provisional application.

This has now changed with the development of the DGM-concept (steam-pressure-cooking-microwave)!
Torus Pak has found the right accessory with the flexible M`Steam sealing film from Alert-Packaging. Film and tray make an ideal combination. Now high-quality “Selfmade High-Convenience Menus” can be prepared cold in the Torus Pak dish and packed hygienically with the M’Steam sealing film. In this packaging, the Torus Pak dish is a cost-effective steam cooking utensil and is ready for fast cooking and parallel recuperation in the microwave.

And how does it work?

Simply 4 minutes at 900 watts into the microwave – done!

The existing natural water of the food in the Torus Pak dish is sufficient to produce hot steam with the help of the microwave. After approximately 60 seconds, the M’Steam sealing film begins to bloom and then takes control of the vapor pressure and the humidity inside the shell. The high-tec film controls the pressure build-up up to approx. 1.1 atü (atmospheric pressure) with the concealed micro perforation and thus ensures a cooking temperature of approx. 106 ° C as well as a gentle steam pressure pad above the valuable menu. Now the bi-thermal cooking process begins in combination: “Microwave meets Steamer”! With the help of the Torus Pak dish, each microwave becomes a fast and energy-saving steam pressure cooker.

Steam gauze is the most gentle cooking process. It protects the cell structure of the food by the counterpressure process and prevents the taste to be washed out. The extremely fast cooking process is particularly nutritious. Drying on the surfaces of the food is a thing of the past in this innovative and cost-effective regeneration method.

No food will be overcooked in the future, no consumption or nutritional value will be reduced by unnecessary warming processes. Delivered cold and cooked in the microwave in 4 minutes, the high-end enjoyment of the top chefs is now available in hospitals, job catering and home delivery at the end customer without compromising high quality for any pleasure on their own porcelain plate. This is culinary value, as only Torus Pak can offer in connection with the M’Steam foil or the patented Cookbox.

Your customers will taste it – and love it.


Source: New Cooking Art

Impressions from the show cooking with Mr Schell during the Workshop on 31.01.2017 at Peter Scharff’s












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