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Case study Compass Sweden: Steamplicity goes Torus Pak

Mike Iddon of Insight and Advice UK has created a case study on the use of Torus Pak at Compass Sweden. We would like to introduce it today.

Torus Pak -introduction

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This case study document show this innovative product has delivered the difference with Compass Group health care in Sweden.

Compass Sweden -introduction
Compass Group AB, Sweden

The Swedish Compass business is operated under the sector brands of Eurest, Eurest Services, Medirest, Levy Restaurants and Chartwells. Activities include food, conference and support services to private and public businesses, universities, schools, healthcare, arenas and senior care.

Operating as Medirest, the company operates and develops food service solutions for patients, staff and visitors in hospitals and senior care. It operates the patient food service in 6 hospitals serving 2500 patient meals daily.

Compass delivers quality service to more than 230 units around the country and have a turnover of approximately SEK 1 billion.

Compass Sweden –healthcare overview

The Compass healthcare business in Sweden comprises hospitals and residential care homes across the country. As in all markets, development and implementation of innovation is critical to grow and maintain marketshare.

One such innovation devised by Compass in the UK is Steamplicity. Compass Sweden trialled and implemented this innovative patient dining concept some years ago which provides the patient with the opportunity to choose and order their meal shortly before cooking and delivery.

Steamplicity was first piloted at Saint Göran Hospital in Stockholm then rolled out to the hospitals at Umeå and Danderyd followed by a few smaller hospitals across the country. It is now the preferred method for patient dining in Compass Sweden.

Enjoy reading the entire case study here: