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UWE NICKUT CATERING Part 1: Company portrait

As part of our presentation of various application examples of the Torus Pak tray, we present today in part 1 our new client Uwe Nickut Catering & Community Catering. In the second part, we will then present the application in detail.


The entrepreneurial foundation was laid by Uwe Nickut in 1995. Being a trained industrial clerk and master butcher, he opened his own slaughterhouse in the same year.
Since then, Nickut Catering & Schulverpflegung GmbH offers much more services:

• Snack restaurant
• School meals and community catering
• Food trucks
• The “Bergischländer” products
• Various customer magazines

Since 2002, the snack restaurant exists in the Burscheider industrial area. Here, the cornerstone for the public catering has also been laid.
In the year 2005, they started the community catering service.
The company has already been awarded several times. They have an EU approval, an organic seal, have been awarded for product quality and hygiene standards by Dr. Ing. Berns-Lab rated as ”very good” and, with three chef’s hats, have received the highest distinction of the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences. In addition, they are a member of the network ”United against Waste”, which is committed to food waste.

Core business: School and community catering
Dedicated website:

In school and day meals, high quality of food and a balanced diet are important. Well-trained staff, compliance with hygiene regulations and healthy, vitamin-rich and, last but not least, tasty food is therefore of crucial importance.

Company CEO Uwe Nickut wants to show since his beginnings with the daily food in 2007, when he still delivered ten meals a day, that the school and community catering can be significantly better than their reputation. Instead of unhealthy, overcooked and unhygienic dishes, meals that are rich in flavor, vitamins and high quality leave the canteen kitchen in Burscheid. This was confirmed, among other things, in a quality test by the University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein and rated as ”very good”.

Numerous kindergartens, day-care centers and schools in the area belong to the customer base, which is supplied daily with various warm lunch dishes. Every day more than 8500 menus are delivered to 80 establishments in the “Bergisches Land” and the surrounding area. Companies are also taking advantage of Uwe Nickut’s daily meals. From five o’clock in the morning, they start cooking in the kitchen in the Burscheider industrial area; either by direct hot meals or by the so-called cook & chill process.

Uwe Nickut offers different catering concepts for:
– Kindergartens and schools
– Companies
– Clinics
– sports and trade fair events

More information on the website: