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Award winning packaging solution

The Award winning Torus Pak® concept will now be launched during Horecava 2012. The packaging solution features a unique function that will change the conditions for ready meals in all markets, from private jets to health-care institutions.

Torus Pak® is a packaging solution for single portion package meals that features a retractable bottom that offers the unique possibility to easily serve the packaged meal on a plate, and still have the food presented as it was in the package.

This feature opens up completely new possibilities for the hotel, restaurant and catering sector as well as the ready meal industry, where the current package solutions force end- users to eat out of the tray or shovel the contents over onto their plates. As these solutions can’t offer an attractive presentation, the consumer acceptance of ready meals is affected negative way. By offering meals that re ready to be served on plates, butchers, traiteurs and ready meals producers can reach new markets and customers.

Torus Pak®’s unique solution has been named winner of two prestigious innovation awards the last two years: Food Hospitality Innovativeprijs in the Netherlands 2010, and the Packaging Innovation Award in Sweden 2011.

On January 9th – 12th, the Torus Pak® system will be demonstrated live during the Horecava exhibition in Amsterdam. Torus Pak Europe N.V. sells and markets the patented Torus Pak® packaging system to the European market under license.