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Torus Pak® live demonstration

Torus Pak® will be the packaging for the first meals produced by Lokalproducerat i Väst for their „Smaka på Västsverige” certified meals. Lokalproducerat i Väst is presenting the new meals together with Torus Pak® at this year’s Café and Fastfood trade show in Gothenburg on September 13th and 14th.

Torus Pak® will be demonstrated live at the Café and Fastfood trade show in Gothenburg on September 13th and 14th at Lokalproducerat i Väst’s booth B09:18.

It is just three things – local ingredients, well-prepared food, and then packaging. When we saw this packaging system it just clicked, says Rikard Brax at Lokalproducerat i Väst. He also thinks that the idea of reducing the amount of packaging material through Torus Pak®s ultra-thin bottom and minimizing the transportation time of ingredients is a good match to their values and company profile.

It is completely in line with Torus Pak®s belief that the meals with the highest quality intended as an alternative to home-cooked traditional dishes or celebratory meals should be the first to be packaged in Torus Pak®.

Producers of locally produced meals demand quality all the way in order to reach discriminating dinner customers, states Nicklas Olsson, Key Account Manager at Torus Pak®, and responsible for the collaboration with Lokalproducerat i Väst. This applies to the food packaging solution as well, he adds.

Torus Pak Nordic AB sells and markets the patented Torus Pak® packaging system on the Nordic market by license. Torus Pak® is developed to give take-away restaurants and ready meal producers a key to the market for meals at home.