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New Torus Pak® client: Södersjukhuset Hospital Stockholm

We are proud to introduce our new client, the Södersjukhuset hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.

Patric Gill, Head Chef at Södersjukhuset says about the new collaboration: “We use the Torus Pak® tray as an important part of our new concept with a twelve-course menu. We’re fully committed to implement our new concept that gives the patient the possibility to choose when and what they would like to eat. We expect to be fully implemented the first week of June. Torus Pak® gives us the ability to even control the visual experience of the food. We have chosen to cook meals from the ground in our new kitchen at the hospital and have put a lot of effort in making the concept outstanding. Therefore, it is also very important that we work with a great visual experience.”

“The Swedish star chef Markus Aujalay has been involved in the project from the beginning and is still working closely with Södersjukhuset as an inspirer.”

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