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New catering concept “Dom-Lecker” with Torus Pak

About us
We, the Kruck Schlemmerservice GmbH, are a family-run catering company. In our kitchen in Cologne-Merkenich we dared a new project – a modern and contemporary catering system. Thanks to our many years of experience, sustainability and high quality, as well as the diversity of the menus are the main focus. For this, we use fresh and regional products and prepare them without taste enhancers and dyes. We have a high-quality claim to ourselves and our products and are therefore EU-approved and bio-certified since January 2017.

About Cook & Chill
In the Cook & Chill process, the individual menu components are prepared, but only 80% cooked. Subsequently, a rapid cooling to 3 ° C. takes place. This process preserves valuable vitamins and nutrients as well as the taste. In addition, the vegetables remain crisp and the color no longer changes. A longer shelf life is achieved by a subsequent freezing. During the regeneration in the microwave or in the oven, the dish is completely cooked. This allows an individual and independent meal on a high and consistent quality level.

About the menu tray
Our menu dishes offer fresh, varied and delicious dishes for every day. The dishes are prepared with regional and fresh ingredients. We dispense with dyes and flavor enhancers. Thanks to the proven Cook & Chill process, we can guarantee a high quality of the menus. Another special feature of the menu tray is the packaging, where the floor can be pulled away with the aid of a tab, so that a clean set-up is possible. When stored at – 18 ° C, the dishes are durable up to 6 months. Due to the fast and flexible preparation in individual portions, this tray is suitable for daily meals, which are fresh and enjoyable.

Your advantages:

✔ Fresh dishes
✔ Easy to use
✔ Clean presentation on the plate
✔ Without flavor enhancer
✔ Without dyes
✔ Regional products
✔ Cook & Chill
✔ Our many years of experience

Source: Dom-Lecker Website