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Impressions from the workshop on 20.09.17

Event-Workshop “Selfmade High-Convenience”
Gastronomy and Care:

Organizer: Torus Pak, Luxembourg / Erfa Foodservice / P.E.G

Menu tray for logistical and culinary top performance

Kaiserslautern / Luxembourg. ”Kitchen 4.0 is not in the future, it’s already hap-pening.” At the event workshop “Selfmade High-Convenience” in Kaiserslautern it soon became clear that increased catering requirements for hospitals, high flex-ibility in the kitchen, a wide range of proposed food as well as logistics require smart solutions for large kitchens in the care sector. Together with the P.E.G. as-sociation, Torus Pak presented his multi-award winning menu dish in the culi-nary competence center of star cook Peter Scharff.

Frank Filipps, Torus-Pak’s Managing Director Europe, based in Luxembourg, pre-sented the equally innovative and convincing principle to the workshop partici-pants. The special ”simply-serve” concept is created by the peelable bottom foil. Easy handling, perfect hygiene from the kitchen to the plate and the professional presentation of the meal on the plate are guaranteed. This hits the nerve of an industry that needs to meet a high quality demand in the care sector, while at the same time reducing personnel and costs.

It was a good thing that some of the participants and speakers were also repre-sentatives of food technology companies, which immediately combined the ad-vantages of the tray with their developments. Whether Gérard Appel from Gi-gatherm Switzerland, Guido Kassel from Micvac Scandinavia or Hans Joachim Schell from Coocino in Hanover – the Torus Pak tray also plays its strengths in microwave systems.

Wilfried Hötzer, Head of the Catering Management Division at P.E.G., commented on the ”kitchen and catering 4.0” at the beginning of the workshop, with the ex-pected economic pressure on the one hand and the increased demands on the other. He specified the marks in the future: ”A high gastronomic requirement of the guests or clients, a wide range of menu offer, high flexibility, high service characteristics as well as bookable additions in the private patient catering” would be the current concept ”everything from one pot” in a sustainable way. At first, he had missed ideas of how to use the Torus-Pak tray, according to Hötzer, but now he is convinced that the system can be a solution for the supply and distribution of food. It helps the catering company to manage the tasks more optimally and to meet the requirements more specifically.
The Torus-Pak tray allows for a wider menu selection, better quality thanks to the use of fresh products while simultaneously extending the best before date, rapid portioning and less expensive delivery of the equipment. On site, the Simply-Serve system relieves the nursing staff in small kitchen units.

Thomas Kreuzer, Managing Director of FoodCon GmbH from Villingen-Schwenningen, expressed this enthusiastic conclusion: ”This has nothing to do with Cook & Chill in the traditional sense.” Thanks to the menu tray of Torus Pak, the processes were optimized to such an extent that the preparation and regener-ation are completely decoupled in time. ”This is a new form of food preparation.”

Among the speakers was, of course, TV and star cook Peter Scharff himself. He pushed the professional ambition of the colleagues with his toppings in the tray. Thus, the finished product is redefined and culminated in culinary delights. This was proved by the star-cook, which was initially defending: ”What are these plas-tic dishes? There’s enough already ”- he has now thoroughly revised and has always developed new menus for this special application.

For Managing Director Frank Filipps, the star cook is a stroke of luck. With the help of this competence he can prove that with the help of the Torus-Pak system the separation is possible between preparing, arranging, regulating and finishing – both in temporal and spatial terms. And this without sacrificing quality. ”Warm, hot, deep-frozen – not an issue for the tray,” he enthused in the workshop. When storing food, contamination can also be prevented – especially when it comes to allergies and food intolerances, a brand-new issue in the community catering sector. Since the food can be distributed in a variety of ways, the Torus Pak sys-tem contributes significantly to the fight against food waste. In economic terms, this means optimizing the use of goods and personnel.


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