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Event-Workshops in January 2017

Organizer: Torus Pak, Luxemburg / Möhrings foodservice-Kompetenz

24.01./31.01.2017. Kaiserslautern/Luxembourg.
Whether a school-caterer, a rehabilitation clinic, a company canteen or a 5-star hotel: the rapid, comprehensive and individualized supply of a large number of people with a warm meal presents the same task to all community caterer. Hygienically perfect, top appearance and taste: that is how the food shall come from the kitchen to the plate. Anyone being in this same boat is grateful for professional support. Torus Pak, headquartered in Luxembourg, has developed a multi-award-winning menu tray, presented by Frank Filipps, Managing Director Europe, at the ”Selfmade High-Convenience” workshops at the culinary competence center of Peter Scharff in Kaiserslautern.

”Putting a valuable product in a pleasing way” – that is what is at stake in community catering. Nobody knows this better than Günther Lehmann, head of LEHMANN’s Gastronomie GmbH in Bonn, whose core business is childcare and school catering. Every day, 8,000 meals are served from the kitchen. Reason enough to be informed at the workshop: ”We are always open to new things.” Because ”Hygiene and special forms in individual packaging”, says Stefan Lehmann, are the current challenges of the industry. ”Inspiration” – that is what Luca Cusin, deputy head of the kitchen at St. Josefs-Hospital Wiesbaden GmbH, is looking for. ”Such a workshop with an interesting topic selection makes a stop in everyone’s routine.”

Almost 30 chefs, catering managers and managing directors of large kitchens from Germany and the Netherlands were particularly interested in the event, which was specifically designed for the care sector, where the diverse possibilities of the individual and easy-to-open menu dishes were shown. Wilfried Hötzer, Head of Department Catering Management of the co-organizing P.E.G., Purchasing and Cooperative, tuned the chefs in on the ”kitchen and catering 4.0”: the expected economic pressure on the one hand and the ever-increasing demands on the other.

Among the speakers was, of course, Peter Scharff himself, who with his toppings in the tray pushed the professional ambition of the colleagues. Thus the finished product is redefined and culminated in culinary delights. This was proved by the star cook, which was initially defensive: ”What are these plastic dishes? There are already enough ”- has now thoroughly revised his opinion and has developed new menus for this special application.

The participants were amazed at the versatility of the tray. The Torus Pak system with its simply-serve concept therefore not only caused a lot of aha effects at the event workshops, but also ignited the cooking skills of the experts in the kitchen. ”I like the fact that the tray still leaves room for the creativity of the chefs,” praised Henning Drenkhahn Head Chef at Interconti Berlin.

The Torus-Pak system can be used for smaller canteens, night-time kitchens, special requirements such as the supply on offshore platforms or in the case of spontaneous catering as well as for refugees, but also in 5-star houses for room and banquet services.

On March 7, 2017, there will be a workshop dedicated to the hotel industry and gastronomy. Then again in the culinary competence center of Peter Scharff in Kaiserslautern. For further information, please visit the homepage at

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