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Coocino and L&D with Torus Pak® at Intergastra 2018

Coocino and L & D presented their ultra-fresh Cook & Chill solutions in the Torus Pak® tray at the INTERGASTRA from 03.02. until 07.02.2018.



Coocino, the fresh food concept of Convenience GmbH in the modular micro-bistro format, has been very well received by company caterers, food retailers, operators of catering bakeries, petrol stations, budget hotels and cafeterias.
Because ultra-fresh and super-tasty convenience food becomes premium food and opens up new areas of application if the packaging offers practical additional benefits for users and inspires guests and consumers in the long term. This is perfectly achieved with delicious fresh menus from the patented Torus Pak tray with its straight-to-plate functionality.
The Coocino self-service food station offers healthy office fruit in attractive baskets, fresh snacks in impulsive performance and practical to go format as well as restaurant-style hot meals. Thus, modern day meals can be presented easily at any place and at any time of the day.

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L & D

L & D focuses on the dishes, which are freshly prepared using the Cook & Chill process in the company’s own central kitchen in Cologne-Mülheim and that are ideal for staff catering, especially for companies without their own canteen and kitchen. The big plus here is the new and innovative tray, which allows a perfect serving on the plate.
”Many fresh dishes, the highest quality of goods and a nutritional balance for flexible, time-consuming enjoyment – that’s what we want to offer our customers with our new Cook & Chill concept!”
Especially for small and medium-sized businesses that can not or do not want to have their own canteen for their employees, this new offer ”Bistro24” is ideal. First of all, L & D’s Cook & Chill dishes are freshly cooked to perfection in the central kitchen – using the highest quality of goods and state-of-the-art kitchen technology. Then all food is quickly cooled down to + 3 ° C, packaged airtight and delivered to the customer in a chilled condition – this saves on freezing and preserves all important vitamins and nutrients.

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