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Packaging Innovation Award Winner

Yesterday Torus Pak was confirmed the winner of the Packaging Innovation Award, one of the categories in the competition organized in association with Pacsem in Göteborg.

The jury’s reasoning was as follows: We eat with our eyes! A meal consists of taste, ingredients and presentation. These three components must work together to create a sense of unity in order for a meal to be experienced as good. Previous packaging amounted to the consumer being forced to eat out of the package or turn the package upside down, whereby the presentation was completely ruined.

To the elderly and the ill, who get their food distributed in trays, Torus Pak offers the experience of getting their meals presented on a plate. But the packaging is also for people who want to prioritize their time for something other than meal preparation and replace that with a complete alternative where taste, ingredients and presentation is for the first time, in harmony.

Torus Pak is an innovation that will have great meaning for the acceptance of ready food as an alternative to homemade meals. It is a solution that is genius in its simplicity.

Torus Pak’s Innovation & Technology Director, Frank Ostervemb, accepted the prize, which was awarded during Pacsem’s traditional dinner, and commented on the distinction by saying:

The distinction is both an honour and very motivating, and we hope that in the future we will come to contribute with even more newly created solutions to the packaging market.

Torus Pak Nordic AB sells and markets the patented Torus Pak packaging system to the Nordic market under license. Torus Pak has created a key for take-away restaurants and ready meal producers to the home meal market.