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Torus Pak book recommendation 12.09.2017

Welcome to the Torus Pak book recommendation.

We have been able to arrange a special service for the Torus Pak community with the Reuffel library (Germany) when you order via this link.

The book orders within Germany are free of shipping costs.

Exclusively, the recipients of our newsletter have the possibility to order books for preview. For this purpose, please add a note in the comments section of the shopping cart “For preview please”. A return code can be requested for return in case of non-approval.

We wish you an exciting reading!

Link to the book


for pickles, kimchi, fermented and more

from Janssen, Freddie – Illustration: Bucholz, Melina – Pictures: Cathcart, Helen
Hardcover – bound – 144 pages – German
AT Verlag, 2017

Link to the book


Of two who went out to bake the perfect bread

from Hirth, Johannes and Schmid, Jörg
Hardcover- bound – 192 pages – German
Gräfe & Unzer, 2016

Link to the book

Summer berries & Autumn fruits

120 refreshing sweet & savory recipes for every Season

from Rigg, Annie – Pictures: Fisher, Tara
Hardcover – bound – 240 pages – German
Knesebeck, 2016