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Dutchmeals launches fresh meals with Torus Pak

Since a few weeks, Dutchmeals is delivering fresh meals in the Torus Pak to corporate and private clients in the Netherlands.

Dutchmeals produces fresh meals on a daily basis. The meals are consumable up to 72 hours after production.
They create unique food, rooted in Dutch traditions (including VoC (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie – Dutch East India Company) meals), with a creative twist.
Dutchmeals delivers the meals cold to companies and private customers in order to avoid loss of quality. They use the Torus Pak tray to keep the good quality and guarantee a nice presentation on a plate after regeneration.
Because of their fresh daily cooking, they have big production kitchens and short distribution lines.
The first “Dutchmeals” meals have been launched in Amsterdam.

Yes, Dutch food, for real.

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