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Cook4mi – The jobcatering concept with healthy and trendy HotMeals

Parallel to this year’s Internorga, Convenience GmbH from Hanover invited its numerous national customers from the field of community caterers to the wholesale market in Hamburg for two days. Here, the special atmosphere of the protected „Großhallen” and the fascinating workday at the workplace scored. In the midst of the enormous quantities of ultra-fresh fruit and vegetable products, raw ingredients, ready-cuts and trendy job-fixing assortments were presented to the general public.

A special focus in the field of job caterings was presented by the demonstration of the micro kitchen concept developed by NCA New Cooking Art GmbH and implemented in conjunction with Torus Pak and Bauer Funken.

«Cook4mi» is the motto. In a small space, fresh and healthy premium menus from the Torus Pak tray were fabricated in a simple microwave with only 4 handles (self-operated) and within only 4 minutes:

Step 1: Remove the desired steam menu from the refrigerator with partially raw ingredients
Step 2: Place the tray on a saucer in the microwave for 4 minutes at 900 – 1000 watts and gently cook with the steam pressure system
Step 3: After the end of the cooking time, place the tray on a plate and serve the dish with the help of the “Straight to Plate» functionality of the Torus Pak tray.
Step 4: Enjoy the meal in perfect restaurant quality at the workplace

These Steam-Meals truly come «out of the box» – out of the Torus Pak tray which allows an easy, safe and self-service allowing handling. Optical and culinary pleasure in the innovative Quick Service-Style is now possible at any time and at any time for employees in unprovided operating areas on the most economical terms.
The professionals at ISS Facility Services and LZ Catering were immediately convinced that this catering concept could create new, up-to-date supply solutions for employees in shift or night work or unprovided operating satellites. And nothing speaks against a take away sale. Refrigerated, these meals are also a pleasure at home. It opens up new sales potential because no delivery service in the world can top the «à la minute» quality of the Torus Pak menus.