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Star chefs love Torus Pak®

Star chef Leif Mannerström was one of the first to realize the opportunities in using Torus Pak®s unique way of presenting packaged single portion meals on a plate. He will begin using Torus Pak® for the food at his Saluhall i Sisjön, and now interest is growing among several more well-known chefs.

That taste, ingredients and presentation must go hand in hand is obvious when star chefs choose packaging for their take-away food.

This will be a revolution for the handling of packaged single portion food, says Leif Mannerström of the packaging, which in mere seconds transfers the meal from the tray to the plate without any indication that it has been packaged.

And Leif Mannerström isn’t alone. The packaging has even sparked interest with three-time master Swedish seafood chef, Joakim Petterson, who is the new VD at Feskar Bröderna in Gothenburg. He wants to invest in well-prepared meals with the finest ingredients, sauces made from scratch, and Torus Pak®s packaging system for presentation on the plate. In that way Joakim Petterson can offer an alternative to time-consuming meal preparation and presentation anxiety when relatives or friends are invited home to dinner.

People want it to be easy and simple, and are willing to pay a little extra for it, says Joakim Petterson who is planning to start sales at the end of September 2011 in Feskar Brödernas butiker in Gothenburg.

Torus Pak Nordic AB sells and markets the patented Torus Pak® packaging system in the Nordic market by license. Torus Pak® is developed to give take-away restaurants and ready meal producers a key to the market for dinners at home.