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Torus Pak® in eco-friendly stores now

Feskebröderna in Gothenburg will begin selling their new dinners in Torus Pak® today. Torus Pak® has also proudly signed agreements with two strong eco-friendly companies in Stockholm – MoM Deli & Take Away in Nacka and Cajsa Warg in Stockholm.

After announcing that Torus Pak® was the packaging choice for several Gothenburg based producers, the concept has taken hold in Stockholm. At the same time today that three-time award-winning seafood chef, Joakim Pettersson, is presenting Feskebröderna’s new dinners in Gothenburg, MoM Deli & Take Away in Nacka is offering their new exclusive meals in Torus Pak®.

By offering a meal that is nicely presented on a plate, we believe that the customers will come to accept ready meals and take away to a higher degree, as an alternative for the dinner table where ready meal packaging is hard to accept, says Jonas Grandin at MoM Deli & Take Away in Nacka, who has been selling meals in Torus Pak® for two weeks.

At the same time, Torus Pak® can report that Cajsa Warg’s two eco-friendly stores will begin with sales of ready meals in Torus Pak® later in the fall. The curious can get sample tastings today of Feskebröderna’s new ready meals in Gothenburg, at the Nordstan shopping center.

We have come out with two exclusive fish dishes that are in the same class as what one would find at a better restaurant. Our hope is that the customers will be able to take home with them the feeling of a restaurant visit, says Joakim Petersson, three-time award-winning Swedish seafood chef and Managing Director of Feskarbröderna.

Torus Pak Nordic AB sells and markets the patented Torus Pak® packaging system on the Nordic market by license. Torus Pak® is developed to give take-away restaurants and ready meal producers a key to the market for meals at home.